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JallinOne is an open-source ERP/CRM web java application developed using OpenSwing framework. It includes selling, purchasing, accounting, warehouse, document managements, call-out requests, customer relationship management, bills of materials and others features.This application is a demonstration of the powerful of OpenSwing framework: it was developed in a few months and contains very complex frames, including lookups, grids, details, trees, tree+grids, gantts.

The application is currently in test phase and will be released in July 1007.

You can click on this link to see JAllInOne beta preview
Important note: (you must have JRE 1.6.x installed on your machine; to authenticate into this application use the account: "guest" / "guest"


These are some screenshots of JAllinOne application:

Item detail frame


Customer detail frame


Invoice detail frame


Roles definition

JallinOne main page is:

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