OpenSwing Components

4. Layout of framework classes

OpenSwing is a modular framework and its components are distributed in several packages; OpenSwing classes are positioned in three possibile folders, according to the software layer: “client” folder for presentation layer, “server” folder for server-side layer and “java” folder for classes used in both software layers.

In the following table are reported the list of packages in “ org.openswing.swing ” that compose the framework and a syntethic description of classes inside them.



Package content


Contains base graphics controls, lookup, buttons, grids.


This package allows to define “domains”, i.e. an enumeration of codes with related descriptions to show as combo-box items.


This package manages the automatic export from a grid in Excel format (XLS).

“form.client” and “form.model.client”

Graphics controls panel container (Form object) and related data model, based on a value object.

“gantt.client” and “”

Gantt diagram and associated data model, based on a list of value objects and interfaces.

“” e


This package manages internazionalization settings, such as translations for labels, titles, titled borders, etc, data format inside graphics controls, decimal and currency symbols, grouping, etc.

“logger.client” and “logger.server”

This package manages application log, both on client and server sides. A server-side implementation that is available inside OpenSwing is that based on Log4J open-source library.


Utility classes used in combination with lookup controls/columns.

“mdi.client” and “”

Utility classes used in combination with an MDI frame.

“” and “”

Serializzable objects that can be used to send messages from a client-side class to a server-side class and as response messages from business-logic classes to gui classes.


This package manages pivot table component, contains data input readers, aggregation functions, data functions.

“permissions.client” and “”

This package manages authentication and authorization operations; it contains a default login window too.


Server-side classes; this package includes a java servlet that can be used as web controller, to manage client requests, database connection retrieval, user sessions; it contains a data access utility class too.


Utility classes used in combination with a grid, such as grid columns, renderers, editors, grid filters, grid data model (based on a list of value objects).



Utility classes used in combination with the tree graphics control.

“util.client” and “”

It contains the ClientUtils class, whose utility methods can be invoked from any class of the presentation layer.


Utility classes used in combination with Hibernate or iBatis.


Classes related to wizard panel feature


Classes related to miscellaneous widgets, such as: tip of the day, progress bar (not yet available), licence agreement panel (not yet available).


Classes used to embed Spring framework with OpenSwing.


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